PCI Device Not Installed - Help Please

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Dec 13, 2006
  1. I need help figuring out why I get a "PCI Device Not Installed" notification every time I start Windows. I have the latest Nvidia drivers (93.71) installed for my video card (the only PCI device present), and the card seems to work just fine-really fine- but, must be something missing. Could it be related to the HD output capability of the video card (a separate s-video output jack-capability)? If so, any driver suggestions? Kind of annoying when I restart the computer to see that message - tia.
  2. Op2

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    Right click on My Computer -----> Manage -----> Device Manager -----> Display Adapters -----> See if there is more than one cards ------> Disable the one you're not using.

  3. Rik

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    Doing as Op2 suggested would be better off done on safe mode!!
  4. Retired_Ted

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    Only one card showing on the device manager. Any other suggestions?? TIA as always!!
  5. N3051M

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    ^disregard spam. Reported already.

    --back to the topic--
    do you see any yellow ? signs next to anything else in device manager? If so, right click it and update it. If not, just update all your drivers (including motherboard chipsets) for the heck of it.

    Check that its seated properly (the PCI card) and any extra power requirements are on properly.. Off course, turn off your PC and unplug the power before you do this :D
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