PCI video

By grant584
Aug 11, 2005
  1. Gidday need a bit of advice...
    This is for a hdtv/dvd tv computer.. system is a compaq evo d5s, unsure if it has the agp slot as of yet still to arrive, if it does then should all be relativly easy, however worst case i need to work out what i can do.

    If it doesnlt have agp it will have integrated video/sound...
    they have 2 x pci slots (normal), i have a fusion hdtv card so 1 pci slot left.
    Will probably run a usb external 6.1 audio.
    now what i require is a video card to run in the standard pci slot, i assume pci-e wont work. Want something relativly cheap not after high performance system to play games etc, just want it to have tv out/ s video so i can use the hdtv card on the tv.

    so basically what pci videocard will handle tv out all day long and good picture
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