Peacock's Fresh Prince reboot gets official trailer ahead of February premiere

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Why it matters: Whereas the 90s sitcom was a comedy through and through, Bel-Air takes a much more serious tone. It is based on a fan-made trailer from 2019 that reimagines Will Smith’s life in modern times. The trailer caught the attention of Smith, who eventually teamed up with its creator on the new series.

It’ll soon be time for NBC’s Peacock streaming service to see if one of its early investments pays off.

In the summer of 2020, several streaming services including Netflix and HBO Max were reportedly vying for the opportunity to land the rights to a gritty remake of 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Peacock ultimately won the bidding war and a two-season deal, the first of which is set to premiere next month.

NBC’s streaming service published the first official trailer for the show on Monday. The three-minute-long preview highlights a story that mirrors the original: a street-smart kid from West Philly gets into trouble and is sent to stay with his aunt and uncle in Bel-Air for his safety and the opportunity for a better future.

Bel-Air will premiere on Peacock on Super Bowl Sunday, February 13, with the first three episodes dropping on that day. New episodes will debut weekly from then on, we’re told.

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Seems to be the theater du jour. Take a previous work and throw in some drama. Lost in Space, Fresh Prince, (endless) Batman/DC comics. What's next Gilligan's Island? Oh, how about a dramatic, Three's Company?


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Da-amn! That went dark/dramatic quickly!! Why so serious!?! I wish they went for the slightly more light hearted version that helped me learn English...


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I'm imagining an abrupt ending to this series, maybe kind of like the live action Cowboy Bebop series had.

How did you find the live Cowboy Beebop? I liked it!

Not certain what I feel about this remake though, although if Will Smith is involved maybe it will be pretty good?


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Is it me or did they take the humor out? That's a hard pass for me. One let down. I was watching for the new Steve Urkel.


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Is it me or did they take the humor out? That's a hard pass for me. One let down. I was watching for the new Steve Urkel.
Oh they absolutely took it out. Modern Hollywood writers cant do comedy, they have no idea how to laugh at themselves (or anyone else) nor do they have any real life expeerience outside of college or tumblr blogs (I'm serious, several productin companies have been hiring writers off of tumblr who have neve rheld a full time job and have been in college for 6-8 years). Anything they write will be tone deaf garbage at best, or at worst will set off the twitter mob that they will instantly cave to. Instead, they focus on drama so people can put hashtags about how inspired or whatever they find the show that nobody will watch, or they'll post about the first episode on their instagram accounts before dropping it for the next big thing.

Also, that image, with the hat turned sideways, the headphones, backpack slung over one shoulder/ dude looks like a total dork. Will Smith had the charisma to make something like that work. This guy doesnt.

And this is his first role.

RIP this mans career.