Pentium 4 quad core Mobo?

By spatz449
Apr 28, 2009
  1. I'm about to upgrade or buy a new computer. All of my friends at my school were issued the same Dell 4 years ago, so i could easilly scavange parts when they throw them out.

    Is it possible/economical to buy a quad core mobo and use pentium 4 3.4GHz in them? I have 4GB DDR2 Ram, so i would like to reuse that. Would like a new video card and to keep my DVD burner. I have a 1TB SATA hard drive, so that's good also. I don't want to make too many components not compatable with my new mobo.

    Is it worth using multiple 'free' pentium 4 processers, or should i man up and buy a real processer?

    Can any body help me pinpoint other concerns that i would need to address, and help me answer them?

  2. LNCPapa

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    You're not going to be able to stick multiple P4 processors in a Quad Core motherboard - that's not what quadcore actually means. On a motherboard that supports a quad core processor there is only 1 actual socket for the processor - that processor itself has the four cores within it. If it's one of the higher end server class or almost server class motherboards then it might have 2 sockets for 2 quad core processors.
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