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Dec 26, 2009
  1. computer is running slow and sluggish and keeps locking up on me. i have an ibm thinkpad t30 running windows xp. I know its a pretty old computer but it was running just fine until last night then everything started acting up. I ran a scan disk and it did find a bunch of problems and i guess fixed them. Its so bad that my cd-rom drive wont even read my recovery disk. and i trid puttg in my thumb drive and its not detecting it anymore. any help is greatly appreciated thanks

    heres my attachments
  2. dorno83

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    Anybody have any ideas. Got school on monday and I need this computer for it!
  3. dorno83

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    no one knows do they?

    does anyone know whats wrong?
  4. dorno83

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    cant boot into safe made

    Not sure if this helps out but i was trying to boot into safemade too re run the checks and it would not bootup. it froze up at agp440 i think.

    any ideas
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    My apology for the delay! This is a busy place.

    As for the slow and sluggish> 2 reasons> malware and too much running! You have 40 add-ons- mostly games, especially poker. These entries are also vulnerabilities. If you are interested in doing something to help the system work better:

    Open Internet Explorer> Tools> Manage add-ons> Disable all but Java,Shockwave and Windows Genuine Advantage> Apply> OK> Reboot.

    any difference? If you want to look at the entries I'm referring to: open the HijackThis log and look at the 016 entries.
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