Permissions in Win XP pro

Oct 14, 2006
  1. I am new to this forum but have a frustrating problem for the last week:

    When I start up Win XP I see a message c:\$secure is corrupt please use CHKDSK -

    I did - nothing changed.

    This is an HP Media Centre machine and there are no CDs provided just a recovery partition that offers to Restore the system which I think it means it will wipe out everything. I have too much set up for that.

    So how to clear this error?

    I think it is repsonsible for all my files now being set up with no permissions for access - no inheritance - so the files will not open. I have to take Ownership and then then add Everybody in the properties menu one by one. When I went to my C:/documents and settings/user=me I tried to add Everybody but Windows failed and would not save the changes- so it seems it would not save the new security.

    I wondered if this was a virus or just an unlucky corruption.

    Anybody have ideas on how to reset the security without starting again?
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