Pesario 1900 Video after windows boot wint work! HELP

By xxtazchazzxx
Sep 14, 2006
  1. So I have this laptop and I got an external LCD for it well the display didnt work right so I deleted the Drivers for the vid card out of hardware profile and reboosted.

    Now as soon as the consystency check finishes you can hear windows start but it only displays the last image on sceen frin BEFORE windows

    So How Do I re-install or disabl ]e the card when I cant see(the external Internal and TV out are ALL doing this,,,
  2. LipsOfVenom

    LipsOfVenom TS Rookie Posts: 160

    I suppose Compaq gave you a driver's CD to go along with the laptop. If all else fails, just call tech support.
  3. xxtazchazzxx

    xxtazchazzxx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No I bought it used, it came with nothing but the charger, I also Upgraded to XP Professional from ME, and even with new drivers I have no way to install them because like i said once windows starts It no longer displays anything so I have no way to run it...
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