Phil Schiller blasts Android, Samsung ahead of Galaxy S4 reveal

Shawn Knight

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Apple is on the attack just hours before Samsung is expected to showcase the Galaxy S4 at a media event in New York City. In two recently published rare interviews, Apple’s Phil Schiller took shots at Google’s Android mobile operating...

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Another example of what kind of people Apple wants on board and their intent.
Suing right and left, not allowing vendors as FireFox, Google Maps and Adobe to co-exist, this tells me one message - stay away from Apple products because I, as a consumer may be sued, too.
Frankly, Android does suffer from an identity crisis, but Apple suffers from lack of innovation.


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Meh, I still think its personal preference, Some people I know love Android and hate iPhone, they even own both (usually an android for personal and iPhone from their respective company) I on the other hand way prefer the iPhone (I currently have an android phone though).

I even prefer Windows phone over Android, I can't really put my finger on it either, Its just the feel of the OS's.

So point is, doesn't matter what blows each company make, doesn't matter what they release, Doesn't matter what sells the most, its about what YOU as a consumer, prefer :)


He said that when you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up for nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS delivers. Simply put, he said, they don’t work seamlessly together.
Clearly he hasn't use Android before. He only wanted to be in the headline just for the market, nothing more and nothing less.


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Not sure which 9 accounts he is referring to or if it's just a random number, but I recently purchased a SG3 and iP5 and it was pretty much the same with the exception that I already had a Google account and didn't have an Apple account.


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"He said that when you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up for nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS delivers. Simply put, he said, they don?t work seamlessly together."
Complete BS. On my Infinity, I only have a gmail account and my work email associated with it. If he's referring to accounts like Amazon or Newegg or etc, then the same can be said for Apple. I've had Jelly Bean on my Infinity for 6 months and I've never had a better OS. Every rendition of iOS seems to be getting worse and worse.


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Yeah, the "9 account" remark has to be some sort of exaggeration. I've owned multiple android devices and all is needed is the 1 Google Account. There is the exception of recent Samsung devices who also offer an account. However, the Samsung account isn't at all necessary. I actually removed it from my phone along with all the other bloatware.


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Well, it's good to see that even with Jobs gone, Apple still maintains its typical standards of misinformation and viewpoint skewing to try to make their private empire look attractive. But I'd say things like the stock value plummet and slipping sales are a good indicator that the Apple distortion field isn't as strong as it once was...

Android may have its share of problems and fragmentation, but that is often the price of giving the consumer freedom to choose exactly how they use their toys.
Assuming that the 9 accounts comment refers to various services that Apple offers vs. having to sign up for separate services on Android I have to ask this question: why is that a bad thing? To me it means that if I don't want a particular service, I don't have to take it as part of a bundle with something that I *do* want.


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More of Apples rhetotic. Apple is starting to act like the bully on the schoolyard...again. Unfortunatly this bully has been quickly overtaken. And as such and much like every bully to ever get beaten, Apple is going to stand back and call ppl names. It actually makes me feel proud of Android. Google doesnt have to sit back and play the same game Apple has been playing.


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It's pretty easy to make fun of a Android, they have all types of problems. I like/enjoy my Droid 4 but the OS is erroneous and laggy at times for a 1.2Ghz dual core/1GB RAM. If it didn't have NFL Mobile,Youtube and SNES emulator apps that worked so well I would probably trade it in, even with the edge-lit keyboard that I do love. Its terrible on battery life, 540 x 960 leaves a little to be desired, and it needs advanced cache and system cleaners to stay quick.


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When you can't beat them in the marketplace smear them. For Samsung it should take these smears as compliments of actually being the number 1 Android based phone manufacturer.


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I much prefer my Android HTC smartphone to the iPhone. It is such a blessing not to be constrained by iTunes. I frequency download podcasts from the BBC which only takes seconds and is added to my playlists straight away. I tried the same with an iPhone and just gave up.


I hate Apple but they do have a point there, I'm stuck using the 2.2 version of Android and it SUX ***.


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I hate Apple but they do have a point there, I'm stuck using the 2.2 version of Android and it SUX ***.
iPhone 3G users are stuck at iOS v 4.2.1 too... Only 2 years after that model was released, they stopped supporting updates for it. And the few iOS 4-series updates they did get were not fully functional (when compared to a more current iPhone on the same versions). But you'll never hear Apple mention that little tidbit.

Point is, nobody is perfect, particularly in a mobile hardware world where speed, memory and efficiencies are improving at accelerated rates. Everyone gets left behind occasionally, even Apple fans.
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Omfg this has rustled my jimmies.

"Speaking with Reuters, Schiller said Apple?s own research shows that the majority of Android users were stuck using outdated versions of the software. He said that over half are still on software that is two years old "

iOS hasn't changed since v1.0, so who has the outdated OS now? Also considering that any small feature improvements on iOS releases are 2-3 years behind, any point he makes is moot.

"He said that when you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up for nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS delivers."

Since when? Wtf is this guy smoking?


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Sounds like crApple is trying to do anything they can to stem the tide of Android user adoption. As I see this, this is more marketing blather aimed at making Android users think they have an inferior device. Ultimately, I think this kind of marketing will fail, and if crApple keeps it up, they will fail, too.


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Mr Schiller condemns the use of software over a year old but many users would prefer an older tested OS than one full of bugs. Sometimes an older OS is preferred for convenience ie Windows 7.


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I think that this is beyond comical. Google taking pages from Microsoft's playbook and taking down Apple.

The ONE thing I liked about the old WINCE phones - some of them came with transreflective screens and many had decent thumb/keyboards on them. MS/OEM almost never released updates and while I'd rather control my phone with BUTTONS and not finger movements, they were not finger/styli friendly.

Users want freedom and choices.


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While I don't agree with everything he says, I do agree with his tone. Google encourages people to pirate, that's my view. I've spoke via email to many developers, and they have no problem with their apps being sold anywhere in the world, by google keeps many people from being able to purchase apps, imagine after paying $600US for a Samsung galaxy note 2 and not being able to buy apps and I have the money to buy them, then Samsung's own apps store does the same darn thing, I swear if apple ever release a phone comparable in size to the Note's I'd buy an apple phone eyes shut. I own an ipod touch 4g and I've never had an issue purchasing apps from apple.