Phoning Microsoft for re-activation.activation wasnt that bad...

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Jan 5, 2007
  1. Phoning Microsoft for re-activation/activation wasnt that bad...

    I did my own investigation into the phoning in process, because I was faced with this problem and here is what I have. I hear almost everyone saying that calling Microsoft to get a new key is just impossible, saying that it is a giant hassle, well I did it and it wasnt that big of a problem.

    >This is what I experienced, so this is not official. feel free to correct.<

    Now this applies if you need to re-activate and are locked out of your system for whatever reason like a hardware change, if you dont have internet to activate, or if you are reformating and reinstalling a manufacturer branded cd-key that came with your computer.

    Branded OEM copies can only be activated over the phone if you did'nt know.

    Now, I have a OEM copy of Windows XP Home bought from tiger direct, now I changed the cpu, memory, video card and added a RAID controller, then I re-insalled Windows XP agian, the last time I activated was a month ago...

    Yes, I was denied activation over the internet, so from taking advice from my pals, I did phone in activation.

    So I open up the activation program in system tools and selected the activate by phone option. It then goes to a screen where you pick your country, then your language.

    It then gives you 2 phone numbers, I picked and dialed the toll free number

    A screen should come up by now with the 25 digit numbers, you have to give these to the activation system.

    Now, first part of phoning in is totally automated by machine. Thats right a machine talks to you! You then say "yes" or "no" after a series of beeps. Do it and proceed with the instructions.

    The machine will remind you that you can activate over the internet if you dont know about it.

    Well, after you say all of that to the machine, it goes right into the activation process. Now, this next part is completly voice recognition, thats right voice recognition!

    A machine will tell you to say the first 5 numbers, do so.

    Then it will tell you "Great!" and it will tell you to say the next 5 numbers.

    keep saying the numbers until the entire process is done.

    If your activating for a regular purpose like if you dont have internet access and cant activate, the machine will now get you into the process of giving you your activation key. The machine will read you the numbers, 1 group at a time. You will have to type them into the boxes into the screen. When you have all numbers typed in, push next.

    That's it! You are activated and ready to go.

    Now for some reason if you said the numbers wrong, were denied activation over the internet, or your voice is not recognized, you will be transfered to a real person. Follow the same steps in re-activation part.

    That's it! You are activated and ready to go.


    Now since I was denied acivation over the internet, the next thing the system will tell you is

    "We are sorry for your convinience, You will be transfered to a Microsoft representative to assist you."

    You then go to a 40 second wait with a series of stuff going on in the background while on the phone.

    Now the part of talking to the real person is very quick and simple.

    The person will come up and first of all tell you to please read the first 5 numbers of your 25 digit key displayed on the screen. Quickly do so.

    She will quickly say your copy of Windows for confirmation, say "yes"

    She will then ask you either if you bought it from a store or it came with your
    system. I said retail and the next step comes.

    She will then ask you how many computers you installed it on, I said one.

    Then last of all, she will say what is the reason for re-activation. I said hardware change and reformat, keep it very simple. After this question the next step will come.

    Now she will manually read your new activation key to you. Type in the keys into the white boxes. She will be with you the entire time if you missed something or entered it wrong. After that, push next.

    That's it! You are now activated

    Now from talking from my pals and other people, it seems that the Microsoft representative will always accept you and give you the activation key. I dont know about this fully, but hey... they accepted me. This is probally why IMO you dont see thousands of denied activation complaints by people.

    Another note, I called Microsoft over the phone about the times of the activation centers, they say that they are open 24/7, even on holidays.

    Well that it, what do you all think? Hope this clears all the fears about phoning Microsoft.

    >I do not condone illegal activations agiant the EULA, I am not responsible for any illegal problems and will not be responsible.<

  2. Ididmyc600

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    Not true....

    OEM copies can be activated over the internet time after time, there is however a 120 day wait between each activation cycle, if you wish to activate within the period then you have to phone MS, I found this out from experience, the first time I reinstalled was about 2 months after install, and I had to ring MS, the second time was on a new drive about 4 months later, and it activated fine.

  3. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    There is a lot of miss information out there about phoning MS to Activate. As Ididmyc600 has said, OEM copies can be activated just like retail versions. I have a copy of XP Pro, SP2 OEM that I always have to call MS for. I even have an original XP Home Upgrade that will not activate online
  4. TekGun

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    Same here i'm using OEM XP pro, and have had to phone MS, and it was not a problem, got instant activation.
  5. wallabing

    wallabing TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 69

    Please note that I wasnt able to get a phone connection to them when I was using my cell phone.
  6. raybay

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    We call Microsoft all the time for customers with this problem. The phone number is posted on their website, albeit a bit hard to find some days... and it works smoothly and quickly. You may not even get to talk to a human, but if you do, it will likely be their superb Canadian tech support offices.
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