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photo album

By ekul5400
May 17, 2004
  1. does anyone know either what photo album software comes with the cannon canoscan lide 20 (least i think it came with it) or at least a good photo album product which i can link my scans to and edit my pictures in?
  2. jshields13

    jshields13 TS Rookie Posts: 109

    According to the Canon, the following software comes with the scanner:

    Software: CanoScan Setup CD-ROM*** including: ScanGear® CS, CanoScan Toolbox, Arcsoft® PhotoStudio, ArcSoft PhotoBase™and ScanSoft® OmniPage® SE OCR

    I personally use Photoshop Elements with my Canon scanner and it works great, but that is just a personal preference. I'm sure you can use any third party photo editing software to capture the scanned pictures.
  3. ekul5400

    ekul5400 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks i think it was photobase i used but i cant find the disk anywhere sadly, i guess ill just stick with the demo version for a while. (as you have to buy it, which im not prepared to do again)
    thanks anyway
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