Ping Getting High After certain time

CPU: i7-45100U @2.60 ghz
Ram: 16 gb
SSD/HDD: 256 gb ssd
GPU: 2gb nvdia
OS: include OS version(not edition) if on Windows 10

Well my laptop adapter is not working so I am using the below adapter
TP-LINK WiFi Dongle 300 Mbps Mini Wireless Network USB Wi-Fi Adapter

now the problem is arise some 2-3 days ago. Friend did a share of folder or something to establish the connection with the other laptop.
May be some setting got changed I am facing this error.
Please check the screenshot . Now please let me know how to fix the below problem.



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Gabriel Pike

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Without knowing more about your networking setup maybe try a different WiFi channel on your router. You can ping your gateway device to verify if this is an internet issue or a wireless issue. If the pings do the same thing to the gateway it is a wireless problem. To find your gateway IP run ipconfig /all to see the device IP address. You can open 2 cmd windows and ping in one and then ping the gateway in the other.