Pinout label on USB mobo connector

By cgrue
Mar 7, 2010
  1. I have a connector on my mobo for USB 2.0, It lists 2 pairs of pins like
    5V, 7-, 7+, GND and 5V, 8-, 8+, GND

    Then it shows a single pin at the end of the connector labeled NC.

    One my USB from panel connector I have 2 sockets matching the 2 pair of pins on the mobo USB connector. Then there is a single wire in the same bundle from the fron panel USB socket with the 2 connectors that is labeled GND. Does the single wire from teh front panel socket that is labeled GNDgo on the mobo pin labled NC?

  2. cgrue

    cgrue TS Member Topic Starter

    I believe that the label NC stands for No Connection.
  3. dividebyzero

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    Your USB header pinout on the motherboard should have 9 pins and one blank pin space per header

    X X X X O
    X X X X

    I presume the "NC" pin is the one at the end of the top row (marked "O") - you do not need to connect the single wire to this pin- as you pointed out NC stands for no connection. The extra black wire from your case is a shield ground that you would use with a different type of USB header. So you only need to attach the 2 four pin blocks.
    In the diagram layout above your pin blocks correspond with
    5v, USB-, USB+, GND, and NC (unattached)
    5v, USB-, USB+, GND
  4. cgrue

    cgrue TS Member Topic Starter

    No Connection

    Thank you for the reply. That NC pin was worrying me quite a bit. I didn't want to power up the new machine just to damage the motherboard. I couldn't be sure what the NC label meant.

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