PIPEX internet problem or NETGEAR router?????

By pcrepairs247
Dec 18, 2006
  1. ok this is a long one

    I have just left tiscali internet beacuse i was gettin low speeds from them (2meg conenction gettin less than half a meg) so i have changed to pipex. The first day pipex is installed it was a dream come true, i was getting 5meg+ speeds.

    Ok so this is were things go bad, i know when you get a new isp you wait 10 days coz they test your line for speeds n stuff. so i let them do so. speeds only effected now & then. its now some 17 days later and speed test results are coming in at 227kb, which means i can download at 80 k or summit.(horrific) so i ring pipex and they start telling me the usual crap about check ur pc for viruses n stuff. so that was no use. I go into my router settings and it says my line can take speeds of 5880k and upload of 448k. so it says my line is fine.

    i then change my router to phillips router, connects to net fine, however the line drops every 20 seconds or so. meaning i cant stay connected long enough to do a speed test.

    I am not stuck and dont really know what to do.

    I am on pipex 8meg unlimited deal.

    realistlcy am gettin less than half a meg sometimes deal lol

    IS there any one out ther who can help me out. I dotn really know how this can be helped. has any oen had any previous problems with pipex.

    I have had a BT engineer out and he said my line is fine. done all kinds of tests.

    thanks for reading guys
  2. dopefisher

    dopefisher TS Rookie Posts: 444

    Did you try disconnecting your router and running directly through the modem by itself?
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