PlayStation 4 will launch with 22 games, but few blockbusters


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Sony has confirmed the launch day game line-up for the PlayStation 4 today, just a few weeks from the launch of the console. Gamers who purchase a PS4 on day-one will have the ability to purchase at least 22 titles,...

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If I buy a next-gen console, it will probably be the PS4. That said, the number of exclusives in their library doesn't really matter to me anymore. Over the past 10 years all "exclusive" has come to mean is "we've taken the same formula from [iconic title here], polished it and rebranded it." Exclusives only add value if they innovate, and I've seen little of that from either side's offerings.


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Meh, this doesn't mean anything to me, I will get a PS4 knowing they have very high quality Developers working on great exclusives, Naughty Dog are the ones I'm watching for, If the Last of Us is anything to go by, they will have something special in store for the PS4.

The man who is head of SE is just brilliant, recently on twitter he was asked about DNLA playback and he confirmed they will add this in a patch, loads of people re-tweeting it and the only one he replied to was someone who said "I need this to watch porn while playing Killzone", he just replied "I Know..." xD


If people don't think this doesn't matter, well it does. ALOT of people want big titles because that's the majority will be playing. I don't care about either console. I bet though that the Xbox will sell more simply due to more titles or major titles at launch. Sony has Killzone, so what, they lied so many years ago and just about everyone has forgot about the game, wait except those fanboys who believed that the game half a decade ago was actual gameplay.

Sony has the more powerful system and they aren't launching with much to start with. There doing it again, always hurting themselves leaving the window open for MS to always grab people. What good is a powerful system when there's nothing really good to play on it? Sure there will be good games during the launch window but lets be real the launch window is like 90 days and some of those games will get delayed.