PlayStation Phone gets preliminary benchmark results

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Dec 10, 2010
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  1. The first set of benchmarks for the upcoming Playstation Phone, codenamed Zeus Z1, have arrived, and they're nothing worth writing home about. A new video shows the phone getting put through its paces, showing it averages out to about 24.4FPS, according to Engadget.

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  2. Johny47

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    The PSP2 I'm looking forward to but this is a nice idea as long as it doesn't fade away in hostory books like the N-Gage =/
  3. sony should be giving us ps3 graphics on a portable device.
    i don't care if the size would be similar to psp1000.
    what happened to japanese innovation?

    i don't need a psp phone. i already have a psp and a phone (not sony ericsson)

    sony, show us real technology and we'll show you the money...
    ...or my credit card (damn, i'm broke :)
  4. This is a call to all the modding, homebrew and emulator creating community.

    PlayStation Phone + physical gaming buttons + Android SDK = the perfect Genesis, (S)NES, Gameboy, GBA emulator.

    The console classics were never meant to be played with a touch screen. The gaming control button calls are all sitting there in the Android 2.3 SDK waiting for a kind programmer to make an unsigned console emulator app :)
  5. Uvindu

    Uvindu TS Booster Posts: 120

    You missed out a word in the sentence: "The first one, showing the device [???Running???] Android 2.3 (codenamed Gingerbread), leaked out just last week!"

    Its probably "Running" as I have shown above

    Just Helping out :)
  6. It is using a benchmarking program from android that is not optimised for this phone. I will be assuming the games will be optimised for the playstation phone since they will be creating a seperate market for it.

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