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Jun 7, 2010
  1. I bought this laptop from my mom about 3 months ago. She bought it maybe a year and a half ago. It's an hp Presario A900. Shortly after I got it, it shut down on me all of a sudden. I assumed it was overheated. Waited for it to cool, powered up no problem. I noticed this thing gets extremely hot, so I got some of those ball feet things to prop it up ( maybe an inch or so)and got a cooling fan for under it that plugs into the usb, since I couldn't find a cooling table for a 17". Last week it just shut down on me again, but this time won't power up. I tried the removing the battery, unplugging it, holding power button for 30 seconds even 60 seconds that didn't work. Tried plugging it in without battery, no power. I tried battery with no plug, nothing, tried another ac adapter, nothing. I also am not getting any lights at all on the laptop not even the blue light that is suppose to light up on the plug you plug the ac into. As well even when my laptop is off normally, the usb powered fan I have under it, still will run and light up, and that is no longer running. I should also mention that this laptop is never moved so I doubt very much that it is the ac plug connection. So I took it apart cleaned the fan and any other little spec I could find in it, still nothing. Then on Thursday or Friday my mom got an email from hp saying the battery was recalled to validate it. I ran the validation, it says the battery is not recalled, but when I check the consumer report for it, it states the codes on my battery are recalled. Since this laptop got so hot you couldn't touch it, I tend to believe it is one of the batteries that overheat and can catch fire. Could this battery overheated to the point that if fried the motherboard? Or any other suggestions to try? Thanks very much!!!
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    Is there any chance your mom purchasee an extended warrenty and if so is this laptop still under that warrenty?
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    No warrenty. My thinking is that if the overheated battery fried the motherboard or whatever the problem is, that I may have a better chance of having them fix this, since the battery is on recall due to overheating. I'm still trying to determin what the problem is. All I know is it was always extremely hot, it shut off and now won't start.
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    In your case? Its the brand,don't buy HP in terms of laptop.
    What happen to your laptop is the BGA chip ( chipset ) the solder went off the contact due to overheating.
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    if you can dismantle the system,Use heat gun for the chipset but be carefull or let someone do the job
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