Please help me install Half-Life 2?

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May 2, 2008
  1. Hi everyone,

    I was a huge fan of the first Half-Life game and have waited years to play its sequel, while my home PC languished in obsolescence (Somewhat like myself at the minute). When I attempted to install the game, though, Steam downloaded and attempted to update, but can't. The error which comes up is: "Steam.exe (main exception): unable to load library Steam.dll"

    I've already tried: uninstalling the Steam that automatically downloaded the first time I put the disk in the drive and downloading the version from the Steam website; and downloading RegCure to diagnose and fix the problem. Neither could get me past the same error.

    My OS is Vista Home Premium and I'm on a wireless connection, my PC is new so I don't think it's mere congestion, and I'm utterly confused. If anyone else has seen and overcome the same problem I'd be grateful to hear from you.


  2. paulmusiol

    paulmusiol TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fiddling with the firewall has achieved nothing. Help!

  3. mailpup

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    If you haven't already, go to this Steam page and see if it helps: Click here.
  4. mopar man

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    Right, I have had this problem many of times.* I fix it by simply un-installing, deleting everything that has to do with steam, and re-installing.* Sometimes this can take up to 3-4 times, or more.* I never looked at that page though, so it may be worth looking at.
  5. Acclamator

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    Mailpup's post handles valid information, also try hooking up to a Cable/DSL modem directly if possible.
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