Please Help!! Trying to network three computers at three different locations.

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Jul 1, 2005
  1. I need a way to network three computers at three different locations for our small business. One at home, one at the office, and one more @ my partners house. The software we use is designed to be used over a network, but we need a way to link them at three different locations. All three locations have broadband connections and the data being shared is in small file sizes. It is an older DOS based accounting system. Any help and or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Lucas
  2. Kevin16

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    I don't think this is possible unless all three locations are right next to each other...
  3. Nodsu

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    You need to set up some sort of a VPN.
  4. lukeshupe

    lukeshupe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    If I set up a VPN will all three computers be able to access data simultaneously? The software would basically work best off of a central server I guess. Would I be better trying to set up something like that. Maybe building a machine just to act as a server, and somehow making it accessible all the time to the other three machines? Any ideas please let me know. Thank You, Lucas
  5. Nodsu

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    A VPN means that the members of the VPN network behave just as they were connected to the same LAN.

    If your system supports simultaneous data access over a LAN then it will support that over a VPN too.

    Depending on what sort of work you do it might be easier to set up remote access on the central computer (at your office?) and let people connect to it via VNC for example.
  6. Liquidlen

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    Although programs like Netmeeting will allow you to all be connected to each other at the same time .Your dos based program will only be accessed by one individual at a time, however.I use Quickbooks pro which is designed to permit simultaneous activity by numerous users on one central data file.
    You might try a syncronising program that would allow your users to modify a local data file then syncronise them at the end of each session?
  7. tdeg

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    VPN = virtual private network.

    Basically it is a lan over ethernet. Depending on how much data your application moves though, it can be very slow. As fast as even broadband it, it is a long way from LAN.

    How are you connecting to the internet at each location? Does everyone have broadband connections?
  8. mikescorpio81

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    Yup u guys are right! I think the only way he can do that is thru a VPN.
    VPN routers are expensive aren't they? Or is it kind of the new standard these days? We use one at my work & it allows us to wirelessly connect from Sydney office to Melbourne Server & it costs AUD$5000! But what it does for the business is priceless really. Pretty cool considering how far apart Sydney & Melbourne is! We also use a program called WINVNC which allows the administrator to monitor or connect directly to a pc. Guess you need that too (nothing big really).

    Good luck wiv that ... sounds like a awesome setup once complete! But yeah, i'd research it thoroughly before attempting it :grinthumb
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