Please help with booting options

By MofoDog
Jan 13, 2009
  1. Ok so heres the deal.

    Runnin windows xp
    I have an 80gb internal hdd split into 2 partitions C:\ and D:\
    I also have an external 80gb hdd thats connected via USB.

    Now whenever i reboot or boot up windows when the external is plugged in i always get that ntkernal (or something) can not be found message.

    Why is this happening?
    In my bios its set to boot from the first hard drive. So that would be C:\ right?
    Why does it try to boot from the external drive??

    Why isnt it intelligent enough to see that the WINDOWS partition is on the C:\ drive and boot from that??

    - Frustrated User

    How can i go about sorting this out because its damn annoying having to press cntrl+alt+delete every time i get that message and pull out the usb lead from the external drive and reboot again.

    Am sure its a pretty simple thing to solve so thanks for the help!
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