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By Zombi3x
Jan 29, 2007
  1. ok so i am new and really need help. i have about three problems i need help with but one of them is network related so im going to start with that, part of the help i need is where to go to get the help so if you could direct me in the right direction i would really appreciate it.

    my 3 problems:
    1. my laptop wont connect to my router but it used to.
    2. my laptop says it is missing the sruusxm.dll file in the sustem32 folder
    3. on my pc whenever i right click on things in my computer, explorer shuts down and then restarts, but i still cant right click afterwards.

    ok now on to the networking problem,

    i have a dell inspiron e1505 laptop. i have had it for about a month and some change and i recently had cable internet installed in my house. i set up a router and the laptop was picking up the connection and utilizing it fine. well as of a couple of days now the laptop wont connect at all but it still shows that there are connections available. when i look at the connections it shows the routers signal is very strong but it just will not connect. i have run numerous virus, spyware, etc scans but no avail. im just not sure what to do so any help would be much appreciated. i have also looked everywhere on the net to solve these problems but couldnt find anything. thank you very much.
  2. Ellgor

    Ellgor TS Rookie

    Laptop not connecting


    Check out the routers settings, look out for "renew IP indefinitely" (or something similar) if not enabled it runs out after a few days, also check in the routers wireless section to see if the channels have been changed and that they still match the laptops signal (there are probably thirteen to play with), hope this is of some help.

    Regards, Ellgor.
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