Please need help

By sjp
Jan 23, 2007
  1. Recently my son was using his laptop and forgot to turn it off before putting the screen down. Now when you try to start it it goes to the screen with the options on how you want to start it.. Safe mode, Safe mode with command prompt, ETC... I have tried everyone on this list but it will not get no further then the windows startup screen before rebooting and starting all over again. This is very fustrating concidering he uses his laptop for school and has files on it he needs for his course work... Any help would be thankful..

    Thanks a lot guys

  2. SNGX1275

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    Please read the thread in my signature, I skipped over this thread the first time I saw it because of its lousy title, I'm sure others did too.

    If safe mode doesn't work, you can try a repair of XP if you have the XP install disk (recovery cd likely won't work - those like to format the drive). If you don't its a bit harder to deal with and you may have to even remove the drive from the laptop and connect it with an adapter to a regular computer.
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