Please suggest me some good games

By Raghuram99
Sep 27, 2014
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  1. Hey, can you suggest me some games. The specifications of my PC are in the picture which I have attached to this thread. I don't use a graphic card. Please help me find some good games.

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  2. DjKraid

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    So you mean that you use an integrated graphics card? -either way we will need to know its specs too...
  3. bluejolls

    bluejolls TS Booster Posts: 115   +8

    You can try Battleground Europe. It is a large scale strategic world war 2 simulation with a huge map and all on one server. It is FREE TO PLAY but you have to pay a subscription fee to drive tanks and aircrafts and things.
  4. Duume

    Duume TS Rookie

    The first great game for the PC was Wizardry. I have one puter set up with DOS 6.22 to run both it and the next greatest game, which was Doom. I have another puter set up with Win98SE that plays the next greatest game....Diablo 1. That puter also plays Diablo 2 and Bards Tale. Bards Tale was similar to a updated Wizardry and uses the Wizardry engine apparently. If you are careful and watch out for legacy computers, you can get them sometimes for free but always for less then 20 bucks.

    I also use Win 7 for everyday (boring) computer chores and INet. And I loathe Win 8 which came on my laptop that I only use when absolutely necessary on trips.

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