Popcorntime to Google drive


TS Rookie
This might sound dumb, I am actually quite technical, rebuilt my pc and all.
If you choose a film in popcorntime and click on download does your VPN need to be on to download or only when you actually WATCH the film? I am asking because I have a new Chromebook and I can copy a film from my android tablet using file manager to my Google drive, download it there and watch it there but I can only do that once it appears on file on my tablet.
All the versions of popcorntime that folk are demonstrating on You Tube with advanced settings and magnets, I don't have.
What I actually want to do is download films from popcorntime straight to my Google drive. Haven't seen a good post to explain this.
If I were able to do this (they say it can't be traced in the cloud) would I still need my VPN?
Please I have researched my questions extensively.
Hope someone knows.