Popular video transcoder HandBrake updated to version 1.0 after 13 years in beta


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HandBrake has a record of sorts to announce today: After more than 13 years in development the popular video transcoding software is now ready to exit beta with version 1.0.0. That doesn’t mean earlier builds weren’t stable, of course, as it was already the go-to tool for those who want to convert existing video files into space-efficient formats to play on a bunch of devices.

Among the new additions is a set of new video presets for the latest smartphones, tablets, consoles and streaming devices. The app now offers support for Google's VP9 video codec, hardware-accelerated HEVC encoding on Intel Skylake and newer processors, as well as the Opus audio codec.

Video improvements include Auto anamorphic mode, a smarter and more efficient replacement for Strict anamorphic mode, new Decomb/Deinterlace filter settings and improved defaults, the Rotate filter is now available from HandBrake’s GUI, and several performance improvements.

For those that want to rip their DVD collection there’s now the option to select specific DVD titles and chapters to rip, improved subtitle support and the option to queue up multiple encodes. The Windows version also has the option to pause and resume encoding, and if you stop encoding part way through, HandBrake now finalizes the partial file to make it playable.

Handbrake is free, multi-platform (Mac, Windows and Linux) and open-source. You can download the latest version and read the full change log in our downloads section.

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bluto 2050

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This truly is a big news to me as I never even heard about Handbrake till 15 sec ago... ;-P
its the default open source file trans-coder but not a fast one OTOH vary versatile haven't tried the new one if it's multi core optimized with modern CPU instructions that could be a good thing


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I have been using Handbrake for years and did not know that it was beta. It always worked great.


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Used Handbrake for years now, always worked liked a charm, so I imagine this will be even better with enhancements & bug fixes etc. I want to try HEVC encoding on my 6700k.


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Maybe tim can do updated tutorial on how to do x265 encoding for this handbrake version 1...and upload the preset for us lazy noobs... :)

I encoded some recently purchased dvds to x265. the source was 720 x 428 res or something, 4.3GB+ to 7.7GB+, with the result output size of about 580MB to 670MB. I used my own noob preset. encoding to x265 took about 3.5+ hours on i3-3240 + gtx 650ti + 16GB ddr3-1600 + windows 10pro, a much improvement over i3-530 + 9800GT + 8GB ddr3-1600 + windows 7 home premium, which took about 9+ hours per dvd when I did it last 2012 (?)

I also used MakeMKV and the result output size was around 3.8GB to 6.5GB consuming 12 minutes per dvd (same i3-3240 + gtx 650ti)

I have yet to test x265 encoding on my i5-3570k + gtx 960 + 16GB ddr-1600 + windows 10 pro but too lazy atm.

I would love to test x265 encoding on intel cpu with native x265 support (6th gen ?) but I don't own one... :)
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I also used MakeMKV and the result output size was around 3.8GB to 6.5GB consuming 12 minutes per dvd
Nice program.

I've also used Clone.AD software specifically video.NET. Video.NET worked fine for my desires creating .264 media. I would like to see an update to support .265 encoding.