Possible codec issue?

By Elliah ยท 4 replies
Aug 17, 2008
  1. i use real alternative codecs and media player classic to view my rmvb files. however sometimes when i double-click to open the file, media player classic does not load, i can hear audio but there is no video. when i check task manager media player classic is not running. i have to close 'my computer' and re-open the file to get it working..(the problem is intermittent). so what could be causing this?
  2. raybay

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    Laptop or desktop?... How are you connected.
  3. Justin

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    This has absolutely nothing to do with anything he described. Nothing at all. What a pointless question.

    A few things. First, do you have the latest version of the codec? Second, do you use any other codec suites or abstraction programs like ffdshow? Also, the file association for .mvb files is definitely assigned to Media Player Classic, right?

    You *may* want to try reinstalling the Real Alternative codec and also removing/re-creating the file association. Barring that, It might simply be an artifact of other programs being opened at the same time. I have seen similar behavior on systems where I have multiple codec suites installed, particularly when one codec suite has the same codec another has as well, but with different versions.
  4. Elliah

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    yeah i have the lastest version of real alternative (1.82)...i do have the klite codec pack installed though...media player classic is my default player for every video format...
  5. Justin

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    I'd try uninstalling KLite, then reinstalling Real Alternative, and seeing if that makes any difference.
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