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Possible failing video card

By crimsonblod
Sep 1, 2012
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  1. I'm using a Asus G73SW BST6 laptop, and my GPU is a geforce 460m. The laptop is a little over a year old. When playing a single game(Garry'smod) the screen will turn completely green or blue after 15 min or so, but only in game. I can still move and sounds play as normal, but I cannot see anything. I can alt+tab easily back to the desktop, and I can close the process and start the game again just fine. My temp when this happens is only about 70C. I'm in the process of updating my drivers just in case, and I've already validated the GMOD install. I'll edit this post once I restart and test if this happens again. Is this my graphics card dying? The only thing I've done recently that's out of the ordinary is I put a SSD in my second hard drive bay and am using it as my boot drive, so I had to reinstall all drivers and windows.

    I find it strange that it's only gmod that has this issue. CSGO, ARMA2, Minecraft, saints row 3 all work. It's only Garry's Mod.
  2. crimsonblod

    crimsonblod TS Rookie Topic Starter

    So the driver update didn't fix anything, but I narrowed down the cause of the glitch. If I'm in spectator mode and I fly outside the walls of the map at all, it gives me that screen. It's never done that before, but I'm not sure it's a hardware failure because the trigger is so specific. But if this still sounds like a failure please let me know. I don't know all that much about hardware beyond what each part is for.
  3. magaman598

    magaman598 TS Booster Posts: 188

    If there was hardware failure there'd be more signs, if you can trigger the event almost indefinitely it's probably a bug with GMOD, have you tried contacting Valve about the situation? Also, that's a safe temperature for your GPU so it's not overheating.
  4. crimsonblod

    crimsonblod TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah, after I figured out how to reproduce it I felt a lot better about the hardware. And it's good to hear somebody else thinking the same.

    On a side note, next time, I'm learning to build a desktop. That way a single failure won't cost more than a new machine.

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