Power consumption of video cards?

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Jan 22, 2008
  1. After reading a few articles, it seems that the 7300GS consumes almost as much as the 3850. So if I can run a 7300GS with a 250W, would it not be plausible that I can do the same with a 3850?
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    Maybe but I believe they recommend a minimum 450W power supply for the 3850.
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    That might be taking it too far. I'd agree on a good-quality 350W PSU running the HD 3850 fine but 250W is too low. BTW, this link states that the 7300GS only consumes upto 16W under load. So how can you compare it to an HD 3850 which consumes about 90W?
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    That's total power consumption i.e. the power consumed by the whole system. The graphics card itself only takes about 16-20W. The HD3850 takes more than 3x that amount, so I am pretty sure it won't work with your current PSU.
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