Power Help 4/8 Pin?

Oct 20, 2006
  1. Ok, i have my motherboard in my case, and everything is hooked up, the RAM fits, and the PSU was 24 Pin :). But There is a place called "ATX12V1" on my motherboard, and there is a 4 Pin connector that ffits into it. The slot is 8 pins, but the lock is off center making me think that it will work with 4 or 8 pins, is this true? And my second question is, do I have to hook up a ground wire of any sort, neither my motherboard or case came with one, making me think that it came preinstalled with the case.
  2. Vigilante

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    All the metal of the case is grounded via the power supply. And thus the motherboard is via the screws. As well as regular ground wires from the PS to the mobo.

    I believe you can put the 4 pin into that eight pin. It might have something to do with whether you could ALSO use the 24-pin and not just 20pin. I've seen the setup before, but it's been a while, couldn't say.

    Best bet is take a look in the motherboard manual. At best, just plug in the 4 pin. At worst, your PS is underpowered and you need a new one with the right outputs.

    Best wait for someone else to validate this claim, don't want you to fry your board :)
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