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By maxdevil13
Aug 22, 2006
  1. My son took apart our computer. Trying to put it back together. Forgive me. I am a total novice when it comes to computers. I don't know what motherboard I have or basically anything else. Don't know if there are standard ways of hooking these wires up or not. Just wondering how to install the wires that say:
    power sw
    reset sw
    power led
    hdd led
    About the only one I can figure out is the speaker wire. When sitting with the cpu in front of you the speaker wire goes in the top left set of pins.
    Sorry I can't give you more help than this.
    I really appreciate it. If no one knows, I appreciate ANY assistance at all. I appreciate you putting up with what might be a dumb question.
  2. SNGX1275

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    Usually in the bottom right (if you are looking at it in the case, and the case is a tower) you will see a line of pins looking like this ::::::::::::::::: Also if you look closely (use reading glasses or a hand lens or a magnifying glass if you need) the pins should be labeled, it should be fairly obvious then which pins go where.

    Try that first, and if you can't figure it out, then you need to do a few more things and post back:
    1 - Is this a store brand computer? (dell, hp, compaq, gateway, ect) If so what model?
    2 - If this isn't a store brand computer then look on the motherboard, there is a really high chance somewhere on it it says what brand and its model number.
    3 - This is stretching it a bit (but may help if you can find motherboard brand but not model). Do you know if you have an AMD or Intel processor, and also the speed if you know that.
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    You will have to google any numbers or letters on the motherboard to identify it, then download the manual for it.

    Unfortuntately there are as many combinations of pins as there are motherboards on the market today.

    If you cant find out from the numbers\letters then you will have to take it to a local PC shop who should be able to identify it.

    I know this sounds crazy, and I don't recommend it, but it did work for me..I state I did this on an old board that I couldn't be bothered looking for the manual for...

    Identify the pins that you think might be the ones that take the POWER SWITCH...... take a pair of tweezers (metal ones) and touch 2 pins together starting at the top, until the PC starts up.

    This will find the power switch, I dont recommend trying to find the others with the power on as it may cause a short , but at least you have it working.

  4. maxdevil13

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    Thanks for the replies.
    I have a pentium 4. I tried reading the motherboard and the pinsets. I wasn't able to, even with my glasses and a magnifying glass. I know someone who should be able to figure it out for me. Just might take a couple of days to contact and hook-up with him.
    If I learn anything I will pass on the info. Might help someone else in the future.
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