Presario 2700T randomly turns off

By Hub
Sep 9, 2006
  1. Hello everybody. I'm new to the site...joined because of a problem I was hoping you all could help me with. I recently replaced a defective hard drive on a Presario 2700T with a new Samsung 120 GB drive. The problem is when I started to load XP pro the computer would randomly turn-off with no notice while the AC is plugged-in. It doesn't do it on battery with the exception on once or twice but it will do it withtin minutes when the ac is plugged-in and removing the battery doesn't help either. It's charging the battery ok. I also need to know what the led indicators for the battery and power mean. This laptop has never done this before and I had to run it on battery to get the software loaded on it.
  2. Hub

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    just discovered an interesting piece to the puzzle...before the laptop shuts down the cpu is jumping to 100% and staying there even though there are no programs loaded on this laptop with the exception of XP Pro and the Linksys wireless software. I hear the hard drive motor kick in and the cpu pegs at 100% if I unplug the power cord when it does this it usually won't turn off. The process that jumps up under windowa task manager, process is svchost.exe user name is system.
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