Presario F700 notebook won't boot up

By nork
Sep 20, 2011
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  1. I am trying to help a friend out. He has a Presario F700 notebook, part#KC492UA#ABC, that is running win 7 ultimate retail. It has stopped working. When the notebook power supply is plugged in that blue light goes on and there is power to the notebook but there is nothing after that. I can hear the computer trying to boot, the fan is working and its a bit warm around that area, but i think that might be normal. I plugged in a known good external lcd but that didnt help. But there might be a key to press, like FN, to get an external monitor to work, i dont know in this case since its not my notebook. He doesnt even get the bios info, all he gets is a blank screen, so maybe an external monitor wouldnt work either? I should point out that when i attempt to boot this laptop i dont get any beeps at all.

    Help would certainly be appreciated.

    Thank You

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