Problem detecting second hard drive

By Jaseon
Sep 13, 2006
  1. I have a 40 GB Maxtor HDD thats a few years old and 200GB WD thats less than a year old. They've been running fine since I got the 200GB, with the Maxtor as the Window's HDD and pretty much everything else running off the WD.

    Tonight, as I was playing a game, my computer suddenly went to a blue screen, I'm not 100% on what it said because I just restarted thinking it would fix the problem. It was an error like 'kernel debugger error' or something similar.

    Upon reboot neither of the HDD's were being recognised at the boot screen or in the bios. The bootscreen would time out detecting IDE devices and just show the cdrom as the secondary slave on IDE2.I'd been running the HDD's both on IDE1.

    Eventually I was able to get the computer going with just the 40GB hard drive in, and NTLDR wasn't found (because it was on the 200GB for some reason, i probably didn't setup the jumpers and master/slave properly when I installed it) so I had to reinstall Windows.

    With that down the 40GB hard disk is working fine, but I still can't detect the 200GB HDD in either boot screen or BIOS when I try it by itself, on both IDE channels with different cables/power cables etc. Can't detect it at all.

    Also when I try to run both the HDD's at the same time I can't detect either at the boot screen or bios. So I have to run with just the 40GB and the 200GB unplugged to log into windows.

    The newer HDD (the 200GB) has no jumpers, I don't remember getting any when I bought it which seems unlikely, so i've probably lost them. I tried searching for them around the pc to no avail, but given I can't detect that HDD at all I'm not so sure that's the problem.

    Anyway, basically i've tried fiddling with the jumpers, the IDE channels, the power cables, switching everything around to no avail. I can't detect the HDD at all, which makes me think that maybe it's dead, but I don't really get why it just died for no reaosn in the middle of a game and can't be detected afterwards. I also don't understand why a dead HDD would make the other HDD unable to be detected.

    This is all particulary frustrating because I had an almost completed uni assignment on the 200GB hard drive thats due in 2 days. I won't be able to finish it if I've lost it all.

    I'm thinking of either getting some new jumpers or a new HDD tomorrow, but I really need to get that assignment back. Thoughts?
  2. Nodsu

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    It's probably dead. If the electronics are bad, then they can put garbage signals on the IDE cable, making communication with the other good drive impossible too.

    If the drive has jumper pins on it but no jumpers, then just "borrow" the jumpers from the other hard drive or your optical drive(s).
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