Problem due to ati2dvag driver

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Nov 30, 2009
  1. Can someone please give some advice on how to deal with a BSOD caused by the above mentioned file - this problem is with a laptop. I had foolishly decided to try reinstalling the software using the supplied recovery disk from the name brand maker of my machine, thinking & believing that it would sort out the problem.
    At best it gets into the initial stages of WindowsXP before displaying a message saying that the attempt @ reinstalling the software was NOT completed. Clicking the 'OK' button reboots the machine & presents the BSOD, mentioning an 'infinite loop'!
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    Before reinstalling the graphics driver, uninstall the old driver from Add and Remove Programs. To get there try booting into Safe Mode, then uninstall. Of course, restart the laptop after uninstalling.
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    A Niggle

    Can I ask what to do if I have tried to uninstall Windows & now I can't get into Windows to attempt any of the methods that rely on the OS being able to run. I can't get into Windows even in safe mode!
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    If the attempt to repair Windows failed, your next option is to perform a clean install of Windows. The only problem is you would lose all your data. If that is not a problem, give it a try. If you have data you need to save, you can try to remove the hard drive and place it into a USB external enclosure or, alternatively, a docking station, and connect it to another computer to copy your files. After your data/files are copied, you can put the hard drive back into the original PC and attempt to clean install Windows.
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    The Next Step

    So... To do a clean install how do I do it exactly & can I use the bundled recovery disk that came with my laptop; or do I need a separate & different copy of windows?
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