Problem getting Netgear router to work with AT&T 2wire

By N07H1NG
Sep 17, 2011
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  1. I own an AT&T 3801 HGV 2wire modem. I pay for AT&T's fastest speed of 24mbps, yet for some odd reason, it only pulls about 12 via wifi. I decided to buy a Netgear N600 router to help me out. However, the router's settings are saying, "To avoid conflict with your ISP, your router's IP address has been updated. You must now update the IP addresses in your router's configuration settings for each relevant service, such as port forwarding and IP address reservation."

    Being a pretty big novice at networking that I am, I called Netgear on the problem. They said they wouldn't help me unless I payed them $69.99 for 6 months of their expert support. So, then I called AT&T and was told they won't help me unless I payed $15.00 a month for a year, and $10.00 a month for every month after if I cancelled.

    Like I said, I'm pretty green when it comes to networking, but I really need the help! I plug everything I have that uses ethernet into the 2wire modem/router, but I use the Netgear only for wireless. I want to get what I'm paying for. Thanks!

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