problem installing windows on a new HDD

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Oct 19, 2006
  1. my sister lent me her computer to fix the viruses that i found on it. after she bought a new HDD i tried reinstalling windows xp pro. right when the computer is turned on there is a blinking cursor that is at the top of the scree then jumps down about 3 inches and just blinks. i couldnt get into the bios or anything it just sits there. so i put the windows cd in and it loaded the setup. after it loads all the windows files and says it is restarting windows i get the Blue screen of death. its a dell dimension prolly 3-4 years old. any tips or suggestions would help greatly as i am stumped.
  2. korrupt

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    Clean out all the dust, make sure its not overheating... This should fix it unless it always BSODS at EXACTLY the same spot, then it sounds like faulty RAM or bad sectors on your harddrive.

  3. Samstoned

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    reset cmos bios to default
    look for bootable memory test app.
    maybe bad memory
    make sure the disc used was clean try to do a complete delet partition make new reformat if large drive make a 15 ,20 gb part intall os there
    if sata drive you must load the drivers for it
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    i have no access to the bios. im gonna try some different ram to see if that helps. basically when i put the disk in it loads up the preinstall. it says if i wanna load a third party scsi or raid driver then it continues to load the windows files. after it finished loading the files it says it is loading windows. this is when i get BSOD. i have no access to format the drive.
  5. Samstoned

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    remove the hard drive then use the jumper
    on the board to reset the cmos
    some newer machines boot fast
    after reset be ready to hit the delete key or F2
    I have had ibm's and mitsubishi use F2 key
    don't wait for screen start tapping on boot

    this is a pc not laptop
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