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Jun 2, 2005
  1. I posted a message yesterday about "error on loading operating system". I have got past that problem by switching hard drives. My original problem that got me into this mess was this.....XP setup would only recognize 1% of the hard drive. That is still happening. And no, it is not just misrepresenting the numbers. I completed the install of XP at one point and had no space left for any further downloads. It truly is only looking at 1% of the hard drive space. The bios is reflecting the proper sizes. Any suggestions other than a hammer??????
  2. zephead

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    how big is the drive, what interface is it on? you need to post with some detail so we can help you
  3. ssalter

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    Tried on 2 different drives

    I have tried this on two different drives. I originally tried formatting the old 40GB HD and loading XP. I am doing this for a friend, and they only have XP without SP2. I had actually got as far as downloading an antivirus which worked and then went to download SP2. That's when I realized the whole drive was not being recognized as it said I did not have enough disk space. I then tried to do the same thing with a new 80 GB HD and had the same problem. The computer is AMD 1700 and has just the one HD. I also tried pulling the drive from a working computer and loading the drive on that. The same problem ocurred. I have the strangest feeling that I'm missing something simple but darned if I know what!
  4. zephead

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    i'm ssuming you're running the drives on a pata connection. if the drives only yield trouble during use with your motherboard controller, then the onboard controller is faulty. attempt a bios update before drawing your conclusions.
  5. Bobcat1132

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    are you running a legite copy of windows or is it burned?
  6. ssalter

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    Registered CD

    The CD is original...not burned. Thanks, I will try a bios update.
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