Problem with 3D games

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I have been having problem with some games / software that uses 3D
at least if they uses DirectX. I have some snapshot but i was not allowed to post links.

[ link to snaps removed ]
To describe the problem, almost all 3D games except Anarchy Online (that uses dx 8.0)
looks like they have been in a blender/mixer before displayed on the screen.

The sick thing is that openGL 3D works perfect AND the dxdiag 3D test (the cube that spins) works fine too.

I post the links when I am allowed!

Anyone that can give me a hint to what to do?
I have done this:
Updated my gfxdrivers, chipset, I have a Colors IT EN60950 the box say this:
Input Voltage: 115VAC or 230VAC or 115VAC/230VAC
It's the 450W version.

os: Windows XP Professional, SP2
cpu: AMD Duron processor (at 1102 MHz)
mem: 640 MB
gfx: nVidia GeForce 7600 GS
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