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May 3, 2005
  1. hey, I got Adobe Premiere 6.0 and I got the ATI All-in-wonder 7500 to put my video onto the PC. I did all this because my cam doesn't have a fire wire input. SO...I tried to get premiere to accept the AV device or the S-Video and it didn't respond to either.(Any suggestions for that problem would be appreciated also) So I got Ulead Video Studios and that recognized the video source. So I captured there and inported it to premiere. It seems to be too big of a file for the program because it closes whenever i go to render it. Any suggestion about any of this? I'd be so glad for anything.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Look at the way your HD is formatted, if FAT32, you can't have files any larger than 4GB.
    Also look into what Windows version you use, you'll need W2K or XP, and NTFS-formatted HDs.
    You may also need to get other Codecs for your type of connection and/or conversion.
  3. yarn_to_be_spun

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    thanx for the suggestion, I check it out and my HD formatting is not the problem. It's set correctly. Any other suggestions?
  4. BillGates

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    ohh man I had the same problem one time.
    Check and see if you have microsoft DV on or installed.
    (example I didn't have a firewire card. All of my video editing software didn't respond at all to any of the cards I had. When I used usb2 it was nasty. After hours of searching the internet I found out that I need Microsoft DV. My samsung drivers for video playback crashed my computer and caused many errors)

    Check for driver updates and Microsoft DV :cool:
  5. yarn_to_be_spun

    yarn_to_be_spun TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    thanx for the input, I'm trying it out right now. But BillGates, I captured the video using ulead and now using HT Video Editor and importing it from there to Adobe. It's slow as heck, pixlely, and choppy. Any suggestions or possibilities about the kind of file it should be converted to?
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