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Jan 27, 2013
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  1. I have glary,advanced system care, and others...why is it that when I run one and it "cleans up" computer,,,then immediatly I run another dont show up clean? cant anyone make a cleaner that does everything?
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    I would recommend ccleaner too.(y)
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    The more they remove the more chance of something you rely on getting wrecked. CCleaner is about the best of the bunch but I now use even that one rarely. Some free trials show that you have loads of stuff that needs removing - I reckon that's largely a sales ploy. Glarysoft has not been kind to some older programs I like to use.
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    As members above have said. Also bear in mind the following:

    1. Cleaning an NTFS drive with plenty of spare space won't speed up the system.
    2. Much of the space feed by a cleaner will soon be filled up again.
    3. Much bigger performance gains can be achieved by other measures than by cleaning. E.g. defragmenting, stopping apps from starting unnecessarily etc.

    Now, I'm not telling you not to clean your system, just don't get too enthusiastic about it and don't expect miracles.
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