Problem with gfx card - fake stuck pixels

By rand456 ยท 8 replies
Nov 16, 2007
  1. hi all!

    i have a rather amusing issue (to me) but its starting to be persistant and not going away, (and has turnd into a semilong post doing my best to describe it :p)

    i have looked on the web to try and find something similar .. but alas i have found none, with the exception of stuck pixels

    why am i pretty darn certain its not a stuck pixel? (on my lcd)

    first time(s) i saw one was while playing Warsow,.. i noticed there was a red pixel prolly a couple inches in from the left, and almost in the center vertically,.. it wasnt *always* there while playing,.. but it was pretty constant,.. it also would sometimes persist afterwards untill i moved another window/app over the top, and then away

    why is this not a stuck pixel?

    because i hit printscreen,.. opend ms paint,.. and it was still there,.. (and ms paint was on the other side of the screen,.. with the pixel visible in the same location in the screendump)

    it also, when i dragged mspaint over the pixel's spot,.. it would add more red dots to the screencap,.. (i could in theory draw with it..)
    whether or not they physicaly stay with the image file i havent been able to test yet,.. ill try when i get home from work...

    none the less i could live with a pixel,.. then i noticed on some rare times,.. it would be visible in other games,.. (crysis for example :p).. and there were 2 other red pixels on rare occasions in other locations,..

    then there comes yesterday,.. while watching the weekly anime in vlc, i noticed when it was dark to near black on the bottom,.. there were 2 white pixels, that would flicker on and off,.. even when paused,..
    the fun part with this pixel,..

    if i had the size almost fullscreen so i could see one of them (center bout 1inch from the bottom),.. and then moved vlc to the right, the white flashing pixel would follow the window, like as if it was part of the vlc window,.. and when moving back to the left, it moved back,.. but once it hit the original point, it wouldnt move any further to the left,...

    unfortunately i dont have a differnt monitor at easy hand to test,.. but i have tried to gently rub the screen etc with no avail,..

    my thoughts are that a: something is funky with the mobo/cpu
    b: something is funky with the gfx (more likely)
    (forgot to put in,.. something is funky with something after the system is warm/hot,... peak recorded gpu temp while playing stalker for a few hours was 70C i think ,.. might have been 75)

    when i get home from work after midnight ill try see if ican take a screen and see if it sticks to the file...

    any ideas?

    1. Mobo - intel D945GTP
    2. Gfx - asus 7900gtx 512mb
    3. Mem - (dont know brand) 1gig ddr2 667
    4. CPU - intel dual core 3.0 ghz
    6. psu - (new) thermaltake toughpower 850W
    7. lcd - benq fp93gx

    age of my system is 16-17months old,.. lcd is 12months ish,.. and the new psu is a month old

    any hints tips or things to try?
    (anything at all)

  2. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

    Heat and or cooling issues maybe? Try cleaning your case out with a can of canned air. All that comes to mind.
  3. rand456

    rand456 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah, that was one of my thoughts,,.. or perhaps one small part of the gfx is going funky while under heat,...

    as for cleaning,.. i'm not that dusty! :) lol... a month ago when i bought the new PSU,.. i *thoroughly* cleaned out as much dust as possible... spent a few hours doing it too .. so i dunno,.. i'll take a peak inside see if theres a fair amount of dust, otherwise i'm just stuck with a hotbox,... (i'd go watercooling,.. but i'm kinda broke right now... lol),.. and mini-heatwaves arent helping either.. lol

    thanks tho! :) ill check it tommorow ..
  4. vbrtrmn

    vbrtrmn TS Rookie

    First post to TechSpot and I have the exact same problem! I was initially pissed, because my 24" monitor had stuck pixels, though today, I open up VNC and I could still see them, which means that the monitor is not the issue.

    A friend found this thread:

    I don't remember what manufacturer my card is, though I do know it is a 7900GT.

    Here's a screen cap of my VNC session, note the red, green, and blue pixels on the right hand side above the recycle bin:
  5. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    Tried updating the drivers?

    I could only see 1 blue pixel above your recycle bin, didn't notice a red or green one. But that could be because I'm getting some glare on my monitor in my office and my monitor is dirty :)
  6. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    The closest thing I can think of to this would be 'artifacts', which is often times caused by a failing video card or failing/overclocked video RAM. Artifacts can manifest in many different, visible ways. That's my 'best' answer for this.

    Other than that, there's really not much else I would suspect. Drivers, video cable, a bizarre software issue ... I really doubt it, but all are worth checking out.
  7. vbrtrmn

    vbrtrmn TS Rookie

    Tried both the stable and beta NVIDIA drivers, both have the same effect.

    Card isn't overclocked, so probably just dying card... time for a series 8 I guess.
  8. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Yeah, I think the only way you are going to find out for sure is to replace that card or use it in another system and see what unfolds.
  9. vbrtrmn

    vbrtrmn TS Rookie

    Okay, this is f*ed up...
    The old card is an evga e-GeForce 7900 GT CO 256MB, I pulled it an installed a BFG 7900GTX 512MB... guess what, still got the same thing. I switched the cable out, to see if I was smoking the crack, still there. I can still take a screen shot and they show up.

    I'm going to try to roll back to old drivers and see if they go away.

    Tried a bunch of different drivers from the NVIDIA site, none seemed to help :(
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