Problem with internet explorer

By YSRRider
Mar 11, 2004
  1. ok here is my problem from the begining......

    I've been using IE, and an old version of netscape... like 4.3 or something and now i have the latest version, reason is... all 3 of them have had some sort of JAVA bugs, some sites only work on one of those 3 browsers... IE6.* is the one i regularly use. i dont remember what i did but IE crapped out and wouldnt load pictures... i do alot of EBAY and most of the time the pics all have that RED "X" and wont load, or i get that "PAGE CANT LOAD" screen. i tried and tried to fix that.... never worked.

    I also play YAHOO POOL alot and use IE because that had all the JAVA files loaded to run that, well that kept taking a dump so i decided to download the JAVA that was needed to play YAHOO POOL under NETSCAPE 6.1? well i wasnt satisfied with the JAVA CONSOLE and the java icons all over my destop so i attempted to delete that and that really screwed me over, i did manage to reload IE6 so that it works like it used to, but now sites that were always working fine....dont! all i want to do is completely destroy IE and reinstall it freshly with the standard java drivers or whatever it had, how do i do that? i have just gone through REGEDIT and deleted all IE files, but when i go to load my OLD IE5 SETUP it says that a newer version of IE was detected... there is still some IE file on my machine... what and where is it????

    if you have any info that could help me, please email me at YAMAHAYSR@HOTMAIL.COM or look me up on AIM under "YSRF3" or MSN using my email address.


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  2. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    you can't get rid of IE that easily, you'll need something like XPLite
    It will allow you to completely remove IE, among other things.
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