problem with my cd drives after installing a new HD.. help please!!

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Aug 6, 2004
  1. i just had a new HD installed.. i partioned it into 1 piece .. did what i had to do . i reboot the machine and i go to my computer and i see no cd drvies .. and i got 2.. when i go to device manager they appear with a question mark on them like thay arent connected or something .. any ideas???
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    First of all, please refrain from DOUBLE POSTING in the future. You should have posted your problem here -->
    since it is related to the thread.

    No offence but stop using the word "Help" and "please" in your future thread titles. Its really really really ANNOYING. Begging for help is not tolerated in this forum. Help will always come itself.
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    i know .. im sorry

    yeah my bad .. i know .. the thing is this problem is freakin me out..first the hard drive i couldn't fix and now this...
  4. dafullram

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    yo guys i did it after running regedit.exe and deleting the upperfilters and some stuff i done it thanks for all the help guys.. another question now.. for the laptop the bios has a password.. i need that password is there anyway you guys can get them the bios is..PhoenixBIOS NoteBIOS 4.0
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    Most desktop Phoenix BIOSes have a backdoor password which is very simple: phoenix
    (all small letters, no capitals)
    Try this on your laptop.

    For more information, see here:

    Finally, here is a little utility that can probably read that password.
    Download it here:

    Click on the word "zip" in the line:
    DOS-Windows 9x/NT versions + source zip
    near the top.
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