problem with new MB in eMachine

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Feb 25, 2007
  1. I am working on a computer for my sister in law. It is an emachine T2642. It was getting some power that would pulsate but nothing would really turn on or beep. I figured out the mother board was shot (no surprise with these machines). I got a Biostar 478 socket board. I hooked everything up, re-using the same CPU and power supply and hard drive. I did get it to boot into the BIOS once right away. I did see it wasn't reading the hard drive, so figured I would try a couple of others. I also swapped out the power supply for a new one I had on hand. At that point the computer would not boot at all. The green light on the front panel will go on, but the fan will not even start. Did I do something very wrong? I find it very strange to see the green light on the front but nothing else will start up. NOt the hard drive, fan or anything. Did I do a bad thing when I left the old power supply it and turned on the new board? The PS did work on the old board, so I figured it was still good. Is the motherboard shot? The CPU? Thanks for any info you can give me.

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    I wanted to add that I just tried an older power supply and the fan is now working and the light goes on much stronger. But no beeps or anything of any kind. Not even the Bios coming up. I am wondering could it be the CPU? Is the motherboard ok as long as there is power going to the fan? Thanks again!
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    So you replaced the MOBO and used the original PSU initially? If so, you may have burnt up that MOBO too. You should have replaced both of them at the same time. If you search around this site you will see literally dozens if not hundreads of people with the same issue. If possible you shouldnt put another dime into the eMachines.

    Also, welcome to TS. The mod's tend to frown when you don't use the EDIT button and make repeated new posts before anyone has reponded. Just an FYI.....
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    Thank you for your reply. I did not realize about the edit button.
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