Problem with Photobucket

By mpearce1974
Jun 18, 2008
  1. Sorry about this first post, but I have a rather unique problem with my Photo bucket on my PC! I can not log into PB from my link in my favorites, it just gives me (Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage). Then if I try to Google or any other search engine ever link for PB redirects me to:

    Also I cant see any of the photos I have posted on any of my forums, or ones posted by other people who have used PB, all I see are red X's! Wierd thing is I can see the Sig's that are hosted by PB, including my own! Also 2 other people I asked to, have logged into my PB account andhave had no problems, so my problem is on my PC only! Was working fine just 1 day ago!

    Any insite into this problem would be very helpful!

    I have done various scans, disc cleanup, all cookies, history, ect have been deleted! I am running Win XP Home Edition! Thankyou and sorry for length of post!!! Have a great day!:confused:
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