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Problem with power supply

By Annoyed · 27 replies
Mar 19, 2012
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  1. Hi.
    My Acer Aspire 7750G stops charging after a little time playing games. The laptop turns the charging on and off fast one time, then after a little while after stops charging until i manually replug the powercord (pull it out then in again).
    When it stops carging the power and battery lights blinks continuously along with the on/off button, even after i shut the laptop off. The only thing that resets it is replugging the power cord. The laptop is not very varm, but it does seem to happen when the cooling fan starts working hard.
    Any idea what may cause this?
  2. Kamil

    Kamil TS Rookie


    Hi. I have same model, same spec. I spoke with acer ppl and they said that is soft issue??!!!! Soft my ar.. How software can cause that laptop is disconnecting and all lights on/off, hdd, processor light is flashing!!! ????? I rang different acer support in different country and they've said they know the issue and it may be either mother board or graf card. Now my 1000e worth laptop is on his way to acer service in the uk. I'll keep u updated once I'll get more info. Regards
  3. Annoyed

    Annoyed TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Yeah, they told me the same thing, that i had to update my bios, but that did squat ****... appreciate the info.
  4. Kamil

    Kamil TS Rookie


    Hi. so...I got my laptop back...no fault found...
    quick question...,,tell me is that happening only when u playing MW3?,, if so try to play with settings on that game. change resolution etc...looks like it helped.
  5. misakulicka

    misakulicka TS Rookie

    Charging problem

    I have exactly the same problem as you guys, while playing any game (TES Skyrim, Dirt 3, GTA 4 etc...) I tried to update my graphic sw and i reinstalled it as well but nothing helped. So Kamil, they fixed the problem or they just haven't found any??
  6. Michelle929

    Michelle929 TS Rookie

    Not a motherboard problem

    For me it's not a motherboard problem... It's solely about the power supply system or the battery pack itself is already weak or defective. When the mini-computer inside the battery pack is already defective, it will tell your system to stop charging even if the battery is not fully recharged yet. Can you try a new battery back?
  7. Kamil

    Kamil TS Rookie


    Hi guys. Apparently it's not a hardware problem. Michelle may be right, but what does that mean ,, new battery pack ,,? Coz if the laptop needs new battery...thats kinda hardware issue then.
    Someone advised to change ,, processor voltage supply in BIOS ,, but I have no clue how to. Any clues ???
    C'mon You all.... We are struggling here!!!!

    P.s acer service center in UK ( NOI ) is USELESS !!! No advice !!! No suggestions !! They just sent laptop back with a note ,,no issue found,, !!Which means ,, u sucker u spent 1k and u figure out what's the problem ,,. On acer website says, if that will be software problem it will cost client 70£ to get it fixed. SOOOOO DO YOUR JOB AND FIX THAT !!!!! I'LL PAY !!!! nobody NOBODY offered me that option!
    As a return client, I will send juicy complaint to acer.
  8. misakulicka

    misakulicka TS Rookie


    Well i'm seriously thinking about giving my acer back, because i've been having it for less then 1 week so there won't be problem with it, but still i'm really pissed off. My friend advised me the same thing (with BIOS), but i'm little worried about it, because i'm not IT, i don't want to pay anyone who can do that unless he/she does that under warranty. And one thing. Yesterday evening i reinstalled my OS with hope that the problem will be fixed..:D I put in the powercord while system was booting in and after 5 seconds it went nuts again..No game running, just desktop and nothing more.
  9. Doctor John

    Doctor John TS Enthusiast Posts: 200   +16

    I suggest recalibrating the battery, and updating (flashing) the BIOS. Both cost nothing, and just might work! (sorry if not)
  10. misakulicka

    misakulicka TS Rookie


    And how can I do both things?? Where can i find bios for this laptop and recalibrating battery? I hear this for the first time
  11. misakulicka

    misakulicka TS Rookie


    Any suggestion for similiar laptop but better quality?
  12. misakulicka

    misakulicka TS Rookie

    Problem solved...

    Two days ago, i gave back that piece of ..... and purchased ASUS N55SF-S1262V. Everything is better, so i suggest you to do so. Bye
  13. vigosszhong

    vigosszhong TS Rookie

    First, you need to make sure your power adapter is providing enough power to both run the laptop & charge the battery. A very good way to do this is to compare your laptop voltage & ampere requirements (written on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop) with the voltage & ampere ratings of the power adapter. Voltages should be the same, or the power adapter's voltage about up to 0.5 volts more than the laptop's voltage rating. Amperage of the power adapter should be at least equal to or greater than the laptop's rating. It should never be less than the laptop's rating, or else the power adapter will be providing insufficient amperes to charge the battery. Of course, the power adapter's nominal amperage might be ok, but it degraded on usage. You can verify this by testing using a good or new power adapter.
    If the battery did not charge using the new power adapter, take the battery off the laptop, & using a dry tooth brush, scrub in between the fins of the battery connector on the motherboard & on the battery it self, then put the battery back into the laptop & try again.
    If this still did not resolve the problem, then the battery itself could be bad. Try it on another laptop, or try a good or new battery in your laptop.
    If this did not work, there might be a possibility that the charging circuitry on the laptop's motherboard is defective & needs servicing. In order to do this, the laptop needs to be disassembled & the motherboard checked for defective/burned out components in the area near the DC jack. Any defective/burned out components found should be replaced, or you might need to replace the laptop's motherboard altogether.
  14. Kamil

    Kamil TS Rookie

    ok.so quick update...after few weeks I got my laptop back from repair centre. motherboard was replaced...after a week of using/testing problem came back again!!!! Im on to acer centre once again....does anybody know how many times laptop needs to be serviced before They finnaly do something and give me not faulty/new laptop??
  15. reyes01

    reyes01 TS Rookie

    Hey Kamil, I have the same issue on my computer and now I sent it in AGAIN.

    First time, no fault found they said?? They told me a system recovery would make it work again, so I did that and later installed Starcraft 2 again..

    less than a minute later same **** problem, The charge disconnects and power button goes ALL crazy.

    HOWEVER I found a temporary fix for it:
    Say you have balanced mode on battery, go into the settings where you adjust energy usage, and click on advanced. Afterwards you go and disable Ati powerplay/ remove maximal performance and set it to battery saving mode.

    This solves it however with this fix you sacrifice all your computers strength so playing games are gonna be laggy. Played Diablo 3 with tops 25 FPS, lol. So you can forget playing MW3 and such. Its only for games like WoW.

    Its really a pain in the ***, I want to play may games at full performance. I think the problem is something around the graphics card perhaps. Asked here on the forum and someone suggested the GPU was making the issue, not motherboard.

    You came to any sulution, Kamil?
  16. Kamil

    Kamil TS Rookie

  17. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 2,359   +831

    If you're powering your laptop with AC power with the battery installed, eventually you'll do damage to the battery.
  18. reyes01

    reyes01 TS Rookie

    Hey again Kamil,

    What made them find your issue in the first place? How did u explain?

    If I get a note once again with "no problem found" I'm gonna EXPLODE in rage.
    ****ing Acer keeps me from playing my Starcraft 2 AND leaves me naked without computer.
  19. Kamil

    Kamil TS Rookie

    Hi reyes01
    Hmmm that was odd coz at the first time I've got reply ,,no problem found,,. So I contacted customer service via acer web. And I've go a reply to send the laptop back. And at the 2nd time they did change mainboard...but it's a 4th time my laptop is in repair centre. And I'll c how it goes. I'll keep u updated on my case.
  20. reyes01

    reyes01 TS Rookie

    Okay! I'll keep my case updated aswell!
  21. Kamil

    Kamil TS Rookie

    So there it is...in couple of days I will get my money back....laptop not fixable...CASE CLOSED ;)
  22. reyes01

    reyes01 TS Rookie

    Lol kamil! When did you purchase your laptop?
  23. Kamil

    Kamil TS Rookie

    Hi reyes01 I bought my laptop exac 12 months ago....now considering ...another ACER or ASUS g75vw.....;))
  24. reyes01

    reyes01 TS Rookie

    11 months for me! I'm just afraid this whole thing will last 1 more month, which will make it useless since my warranty is for a year!

    I feel like acer are going to screw me over :(
  25. reyes01

    reyes01 TS Rookie

    Hey Kamil, got word from aver today that they are replacing motherboard.

    Same as you them, which means its prolly gonna start going crazy after a while like yours....
    How did u get that money replacement? Extended warranty? Acer only has 1 year..

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