Problems with Creative Muvo MP3 player

By Shadowfox838
Jul 30, 2005
  1. I need help (new guy)

    My muvo n200 512MB mp3 player freezes when i try to adjust the volume.
    Any ideas?

    P.S. HELP
  2. DawgDeb

    DawgDeb TS Rookie

    I bought my daugher the same make and model, and hers works in every mode except playing MP3 files... at that point it plays one song and then shuts itself off. we have tried new batteries, cleaning contacts, and don't know what else to try. did u ever get a response on the volume problem?
  3. DawgDeb

    DawgDeb TS Rookie

    Hi :knock:

    -- After alot of searching on the web and then physically trying out, the following steps are what we used to get back in business:

    Before: I backed up all of my music tracks to the comptuer, so i could reformat the player when required.

    1. Goto to download the latest drivers and firmware for the specific player -- in my case it is the Muvo Micro N200 512 MB.

    2. In my case, I had to install 2 things, the driver upgrade for Win98 (because the firmware upgrade required it) and then the firmware upgrade... first step was to install the driver upgrade, which was very simple, self-installation.

    3. When i tried to install the firmware upgrade (to v1.15...), the installer required that my player be in "recovery mode". Another search at the creative web site provided the following instructions for this specific player to get into recovery mode:
    A. Remove battery and USB cable
    B. Press and hold down the power button while USB cable is reconnected and until the computer takes the player into recovery mode.... I started the firmware upgrade at this time too.

    4. The firmware install will then come up and verify that you want to replace the existing firmware and reformat the data area, which is required for this particular upgrade. I agreed and hit the start button.

    5. Once the firmware upgrade was completed along with the reformat, i was given a new file explorer window, which i used to drag back all of my tracks onto the player.

    At this point, all is back to normal, so I hope the same process will work for you too. ;)
  4. Shadowfox838

    Shadowfox838 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thanks for the info i owe ya one
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