Problems with HDD in specific system

By Reckoning
Sep 24, 2011
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  1. I'm rebooting Windows to an old Dell computer for a friend. His CD ROM doesn't work so what I did was take out his HDD and put it in an old system of mine and just installed Windows to it that way. When I put the HDD back into his system right on startup it says "Invalid configuration information - please run setup" then under that it says "Performing automatic IDE configuration..." then gives me the options "strike F1 to continue strike F2 for setup"
    No matter which I do it proceeds to BSOD and automatically restarts itself and just loops doing the same thing. I've swapped IDE cables, tried diff power connections from power supply and BSOD evertime. When I put the drive in my old system Windows boots perfectly. Any ideas? Somehow do the old Dell motherboards only run off the original Windows setup so you can't reboot your own Windows?

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