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Problems with motherboard and harddrive configuration HELP!

By Cheeksmalo ยท 7 replies
Feb 18, 2006
  1. SATA150 MAxtor 80g
    ASUS P4X800D-X mobo
    Corsair 512 3200 ram
    P4 2.4c 800 fsb

    Hi, I am trying to fix my moms computer, which has recently gotten a new motherboard. With the drive connected, it will not recognize it as an IDE master or slave, and it will not show in the main BIOS screen. However, it DOES show in bood device priority, and I can boot from the HD. I have messed with every setting remotely close to pertaining to the harddrive.

    Now, When tryin to install windows on the HD, It will not find it, so that is impossible. The motherboard was sent back and replaced as well as the HD but it still will not see it.

    I can install XP on it in my computer, which I did, and then put it back into my moms comp, and it is able to boot of the HD, still cant see it in BIOS. It will load the windows XP splash loading screen for a second, show an XP blue screen of death, you know the one im talking about. With the neat string of 0x0000002, 0x300000 whatever. BUT it just flashes for a split second and then it restarts. So I cannot see the string to pinpoint my problem.

    I am stuck. Please help me this has gone on for far to long :(
  2. Cheeksmalo

    Cheeksmalo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Gonna have to Bump :(
  3. Cheeksmalo

    Cheeksmalo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    any kind of suggestions would be great!
  4. CMH

    CMH TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,038   +9

    I'm posting just because noone else has an idea.

    Tried setting jumpers? Far fetched, but worth mentioning.

    reinstalling windows?

    checking connection of cables?

    Sorry, but I don't know too much of HDD, usually reformatting/resetting works for me.
  5. Qendiil

    Qendiil TS Rookie

    have you updated the BIOS?
    i'm just offering up a possibility here. no expert by any means.
    NOTE: if you attempt the update the BIOS, be very careful. again, i'm not an expert, but i've heard you can REALLY mess yer puter up if this is done improperly 8(
  6. Qendiil

    Qendiil TS Rookie

    WHY didn't Bill Gates include support for SATA in XP SP2??? MS SO sucks! ><
    just reread yer post. i am running on my very first SATA drive as well. at the time of installation, my BIOS did not show a "SATA" drive either. i had to select a SCSI drive, and then the next time i entered the BIOS it listed it as a SATA drive. i think... something like that. it's been a while. that messed me up a couple of times tho. i remember that. i kept looking for the option to select my SATA drive and it wasn't there. hope this gets you headed in the right direction
  7. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 964   +8

    Windows XP SP2 does have SATA support. It includes generic SATA drivers that will allow the installation of Windows, then once windows is installed, you can install the SATA controller drivers.

    I too ran into a similar issue with my system. If I have an IDE HDD hooked up, my mobo will always boot from that and ignore the SATA drive. But the easy solution for me was to only use the SATA drive, then it would boot from it without a problem. When you want to install Windows, make sure that the SATA drive is the only drive hooked up.

    The reason you can't "see" the HDD in the BIOS is probably because SATA is not set up as bootable in your BIOS, therefore it is not viewable under the boot devices selection menu. go into the BIOS, look in all menus until you can find settings for the onboard SATA controller (and if it is an option like it is on mine, enable bootable SATA, and disable SATA RAID).
  8. Qendiil

    Qendiil TS Rookie

    so... if you have a XP(with SP2 included) disc, windows will install without having to install a SATA driver with the F6 prompt?

    you have DONE this personally?

    that's AWESOME if that works, but the XP disc i installed on this machine - my first SATA drive - would not install without giving it a driver via F6 :(

    the drive did not show up as SATA until AFTER i had installed the driver. initially, i had to select the SCSI drive it was showing. i think... it's been a while. i had to select a boot drive other than the one that i thought was right. did it wrong like 3 times and then finally selected what appeared to be WRONG... and it worked! after XP installed it showed up as a SATA drive in my BIOS.

    i think... it's been a while. that IS what happened, i just won't swear to the SCSI part. the correct setting did NOT show up as a SATA drive until AFTER i had installed XP. that made setting it up very confusing and counter-intuitive :(

    but after spending HOURS tonight scouring forums, i've learned what is wrong with this SATA drive. i installed the wrong driver, and i somehow turned the RAID part off. i needed the RAID controller running in JBOD. i'm about to install another SATA drive here in a little bit. if all goes well ill come back and let you guys know that my Raptor drive is flying and my machine is running MUCH better :)
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