Problems with radeon 9800 pro!!!!!!!!

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Sep 30, 2005
  1. About a month ago my system was becoming increasingly unstable and kept crashing. It seamed like it was overheating so i lifted the side off my case to find that the graphics card(radeon 9800 pro) fan had melted off and fell to the bottom of the case.

    I removed the heat sink and fitted a artic cooler nv silencer and it seamed things were ok.

    Then over the past week or so i keep getting a loud clicking from the hard drive(maxtor dm10 200G SATA)and the system keeps locking briefly then continues as normal.Ive noticed this is more apparent when using media player and viewing any graphics.Games will not play at all and just lock up and the screen turns blue!!!.At first i thought it was a problem accessing the HDD so id a low level format of the whole drive and reinstalled.However the problem continues!!!

    The sytem will only run relatively stable if i lower the graphics card acceleration to almost zero.

    However this is not good and will not allow me to play games.

    Can anyone help me out?

  2. bushwhacker

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    How did your video card melt the fan? Did you overclock it? SATA sometime make FREEZE/CONTINUE features so ignore it, not big deals. BIGGEST DEALS is you need new video card since your game wont run on it. Go get replacement


    P.S. Modding Video Card Third Party Source Heatsink instead OEM result worst damage possible, im still scared to change my FORSA GeForceFX 5200, this card can take me from 250mhz/400mhz to 310mhz/475mhz but i had to bump back to 300/450 because it overheating

    :EDIT: OHOH, did you update your video card drivers or you still using the outdated OPENGL drivers? UPDATE IT! :)
  3. ramsay

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    i never overclocked the card, i dont really know enought about vga cards to mess witht them.

    i downloaded the latest drivers a while back.

    with the fan it just seamed to have melted where it is connected to the heat sink and then fell away which sounds really odd to me!!

    the freezing with the SATA has stopped now that i have reduced the acceleration of the card, but it didnt seam right though as it was happening all the time, then sometimes the pc would crash.

    the card is only 5 months old which is dissapointing!! tried to get in touch with radeon but they never replied.

  4. ramsay

    ramsay TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 22


    oh yeh the new driver was ati catalyst one from the ati this the right one??? if not then any idea which is.

  5. mailpup

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    I'd guess that the fan failed somehow and caused the graphics card to overheat which in turn melted the fan. Regardless of the cause, if it got that hot, I wouldn't be surprised if the GPU was damaged.

    The ATI site is where you can get the latest driver for your card. Keep in mind that ATI comes out with a new Catalyst driver version every month or so. It's now 5.9 so your driver is likely fairly old. If you need them, their site has instructions on how to uninstall the old driver and install the new one.
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