Problems with SB Live and Win2K/XP

By vegasgmc
Apr 13, 2002
  1. Im running 98SE/2000/XPpro. In 98 the SB Live works perfectly but in 2000 and XP the sound comes out full blast. I have to turn the volume sliders almost to zero. I got the latest 2000 drivers and the volume went down a little but hiss was so bad I went back to the old ones. I got the new XP drivers and completely lost the sound. Had to format the XP partition and reinstall to get sound. This has happend on 2 different motherboards. MS knowledge base says its a known issue and to install the latest drivers. This is my only hurdle to getting rid of 98. Think a different brand of card would work. I like the Hercules Game Theatre.
  2. boeingfixer

    boeingfixer TS Rookie Posts: 1,006

    Look around the forums, there are some posts about this and other issues.

    I personnally have the Game Theater XP and have posted questions and answers on it in the forums. Use the search feature at the top right and look for it. If you have any further questions, just ask. I have had 0 problems from my XP except a loud pop on reboot but took care of it by asking it here. If I can help any more, ask please....thanks ! ;)
  3. Falcon

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    I'm using a SB Live card with XP pro and I upgraded from 98SE. It was also working great for me with 98SE and I encountered some problems after I upgraded.
    I don't have the new cd with all the software for starters (I wish I did), so I could only update the drivers from the website and the old software from 98 needed to be uninstalled or it kept making things go crazy. As far as the drivers were concerned, once the software was gone the drivers worked perfectly. However,
    I think I may have had some troubles when I didn't get rid of the old stuff first. Maybe if you're running 98SE as a dual-boot that's causing the problem. If you're not, perhaps try removing all you old stuff and fresh installing the new xp drivers...

    Don't know if this will help any.. but thats my experience with it :)

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